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Practice Profile

Manus has a practice concentrated mainly in the areas of personal injury and medical negligence. Recently he has been instructed in cases involving more generalised professional negligence, including solicitor's negligence. Manus has significant experience of inquiries, most notably appearing at the Rosepark Nursing Home Fatal Accident Inquiry, where he represented the nurse in charge on the night of the fire. He has also undertaken a number of similarly high profile VAT fraud cases, including the missing trader intra-community (MTIC) fraud case involving Atif Sarwar.

Education & Professional Career to Date

Assistant, Beltrami & Company, Glasgow
PA Consulting Group, London. Seconded to Cabinet Office to assist in a number of privatisations; devised and implemented the process concerning the resolution of legal and commercial challenges for the deregulation of the domestic electricity supply market whilst at OFFER (since subsumed by OFGEN); advised on regulatory matters generally

LLB (Hons) (Glasgow)

Selected Cases

  • Helen Barclay v NHS Lanarkshire

    Medical negligence case. Conducted case at Sheriff Court, though had benefit of Senior at the Sheriff Principal and Inner House

  • Among numerous other clinical negligence cases that have settled are cases involving cauda equina syndrome, incorrectly treated hyponatraemia leading to central pontine myelinolysis, and failure of care at delivery stage in pregnancy leading to stillbirth

  • HMA v Atif Sarwar and another

    A missing trader intra-community (MTIC) VAT fraud case

  • Rosepark Nursing Home Fatal Accident Inquiry

    Acted for the nurse in charge on night of the fire

  • David Munnoch v Tay-Forth Foundries Limited

    An example of a more general reparation case

  • Numerous cases involving catastrophic brain injury, and care for the remainder of life

Publications & Seminars

Fatal claims seminar, Blackadders

Additional Information

Financial literacy. In his previous employment, Manus was required to financially model businesses and the impact of decisions on large, complicated industries such as the UK energy market