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Praise for David Cobb in FLSU employment case

A woman’s Employment Tribunal claim over losing her job has been put back on track, thanks to the efforts of “wonderfully selfless” advocates.

Angela Murray’s employment was terminated on health grounds after 14 years’ service, and she wanted to pursue a case for unfair dismissal.

However, the Employment Tribunal struck out her case and refused an application to review the decision.

With help from the Faculty’s Free Legal Services Unit (FLSU), Mrs Murray was able to mount a challenge in the Employment Appeal Tribunal and it has ruled that a review should take place.

Mrs Murray said: “I cannot praise the Faculty and the FLSU enough. I am so very thankful and could not have done this without the help of firstly David Cobb and then of QC Dorothy Bain. I feel very lucky to have been represented by these two wonderfully selfless advocates who gave their time and resources to me so freely. I do not have enough words to describe how much I am grateful to them. I hope I can continue forwards and win my case.”

The FLSU has a panel of counsel who provide their services free of charge in cases deemed worthy of help but where no other form of support, such as legal aid, is available.

Dorothy Bain, QC, commented: “It was my pleasure to conduct Mrs Murray’s appeal before the Employment Appeal Tribunal. Mrs Murray faced real difficulties. Her case had been struck out by the Employment Tribunal due to a failure to respond to an Unless Order and her application for Review had also been refused. Her former employers had instructed a top quality firm of Solicitors and very experienced English Barrister to represent their interests. If Mrs Murray had lost at this stage – it was the end of her case. I am pleased that Lady Stacey ruled in Mrs Murray’s favour and that the service provided by the Faculty’s Free Legal Services Unit was able to be put to effective use for a worthy case.”