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New appointments in Europe for Iain Mitchell QC

 Iain G. Mitchell QC has received two new appointments in connection with his work with the CCBE in Brussels.

 First, he has been appointed as a CCBE representative on an expert committee on Cloud Computing set up by the European Commission. With the proposed Data Protection Regulation having reached a critical phase of its legislative progress, set against the recent revelations concerning secret surveillance operations carried out by various governments upon e-mails and data stored in or transmitted through the Cloud, the advice which the Committee will be able to give the Commission to help it develop its policy in this area will be of vital importance.

 Mr. Mitchell has also been asked by the CCBE to head a small internal working group to develop policy recommendations for the CCBE itself on the difficult area of governmental access to lawyer’s data (including data protected by professional privilege) in the Cloud.

 Commenting on these appointments, Mr Mitchell said: “Once, it could be taken for granted that lawyer-client communications were sacrosanct. In the changed world of a Cloud which is subjected to surveillance, whether lawful or beyond legal control, that easy assumption does not apply any more. It is perhaps more important than it has ever been to seek to roll back this interference with the processes of justice and to prevent future abuses. I am very much looking forward to helping both the CCBE and the European Commission to engage with these problems.”