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Better the Devil You Know SOLD OUT but on YouTube

Better the Devil You Know CPD Seminar Series 2020

** SOLD OUT Talks to be made available via YouTube (see link below) **

Arnot Manderson Advocates are pleased to have welcomed Kenny Cloggie, Charles Oliver and Andrew Crosbie to the Stable following their calling to the Bar on 29th May.  The trio will be joined by Jonathan Murphy and Fergus Whyte upon their anticipated calling on 26th June.  To mark their transition from “Devil” to “Advocate” Arnot Manderson Advocates have reintroduced: “Better the Devil You Know”. 

Besides giving you an introduction to the freshest legal talent to reach the Bar you will over successive weeks be treated to five informative and highly topical CPD talks updating you on a range of practice areas which will exemplify the full service nature of Arnot Manderson.  The series will feature hour long seminars every Wednesday afternoon at 4pm and with the current circumstances in mind the talks will be delivered by way of Zoom webinars.

Each seminar is accredited by the Faculty of Advocates (and by extension by the Law Society) for one hour of – free – CPD and each will feature a question and answer session.  Although the series is designed to have a broad appeal it is anticipated the series may be of particular benefit to those trainees who still have an obligation to accumulate CPD points.


We are happy to say that all five of these events have now sold out with 100 delegates registered for each talk.  If you would like to join the waiting list for any of the talks please call the Clerking team, however in response to the overwhelming demand we will now be uploading each talk to our new YouTube channel as soon as practical after the event has concluded.  If you have any questions please speak to the AM Clerking team on 0131 260 5824 or by email at



Wednesday 3rd June, 4pm

Fergus Whyte – Access to Court Documents by Non-parties to Litigation

Following the decision of the Supreme Court in Cape Intermediate v Dring and the decision of the Inner House in Cherry v AG, there seem to be a number of questions about the right of non-parties to access courts documents, what documents they are likely to be able to access and the procedures for doing so and Fergus Whyte attempts to highlight some of the issues arising out of these decisions and questions left unanswered by them

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Wednesday 10th June, 4pm

Charles Oliver – COVID: Easing the Lockdown on Expenses Recovery

Lockdown presents a double-whammy for both lawyers and self-funded clients when it comes to recovering Expenses. At a time when many are experiencing a downturn in income, Taxations are unable to proceed in many courts with the result that enforcement of awards of Expenses must wait. A backlog of Taxations will be likely in many courts when they re-open.

Charles will look at mechanisms that clients and their legal teams can utilise with a view to achieving speedy recovery of Expenses during the COVID pandemic. He will also look at matters from the perspective of “paying parties” and how they can best protect their positions. Topics covered will include

1.           Motions for interim payment of untaxed awards of Expenses

2.           Pre-taxation enforcement of Expenses

3.           Interest on awards of Expenses


Wednesday 17th June, 4pm

Andrew Crosbie – The SLC’s review of Cohabitation: Friends with more benefits?

Kate Dowdalls QC is a former member of Arnot Manderson Advocates and was appointed a full-time Commissioner at the Scottish Law Commission in July 2018.  She has responsibility for the Commission’s current consultation exercise on of the Law surrounding Cohabitation.  Kate will give a brief update on the consultation and will introduce Andrew’s talk on the subject.  Andrew and Kate will then be available to answer any questions delegates may have on this evolving area of Family Law.


Wednesday 24th June, 4pm

Kenny Cloggie – Cross Examination / Crossezoomination – is there really a difference?

Kenny Cloggie and David Nicolson have over 50 years Court experience between them. Kenny is a former solicitor-advocate who has cross-examined in over 250 trials for the defence. David has recently been reappointed as an Advocate Depute and has conducted numerous examinations on Commission in the High Court, in many ways the forerunner for the present times. This seminar will be introduced by David and will focus on best practice for cross examination in civil and criminal cases, whether in person or online. Kenny and David will then be available to answer any questions on this essential area of practice for any Court lawyer. 


Wednesday 1st July, 4pm

Jonathan Murphy – Judicial Review: Procedural Pitfalls

A discussion from Jonathan on common procedural difficulties encountered in Judicial Review cases.